Baloch genocide: Eight bodies of abducted Baloch found, ten Marri Baloch abducted

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Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani’s atrocities against Baloch people and crimes against humanity continue unabated in occupied Balochistan. At least eight previously abducted Baloch have been killed and dumped in different areas of Balochistan whereas another ten Baloch including three children have been forcefully disappeared in past 36 hours.

Bullet-ridden and tortured bodies of Mohammad Hassan, Fateh Mohammad Marri and Abdul Rehman were found from Mongachar, Pishin and Windar areas of Balochisan respectively, on 02-03-2012. Fatesh Mohammad Marri’s identity was ascertained through a note found his pocket. Abdlul Rehman was a resident of Lakhra region of Lasbela Balochistan.

Similarly body of another previously missing Baloch was found from Notal region of Jafarabad, Balochistan here on Saturday 03-03-2012. The body was identified as that of Abdul Qadir who was abducted around a month ago when he was on his way to Sibbi Mela (an annual festival in Sibi Balochistan).

Separately, bodies of four members of pro-freedom Baloch Republican Party were found in Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti. The victims were identified as Zahro s/o Thagiya, lanbo s/o Nohak, Mangal s/o Zahro and Rahim Bux. According central spokesperson of BRP, Sher Mohammad Bugti, the men were abducted on 1st March during a military offensive in Dera Bugti.

Earlier on 01-03-2012 Pakistani houses of Marri Baloch people in Goharabad area of saryab region in Quetta. They brutal forces violated the sanctity of the houses and harassed women and children. Seven men and three children were arrested and shifted to an unknown location. The arrested men have been named as Amir Khan S/O Gulbahar, Mir Jan S/O Amir Khan, Balak Sher S/O Amir Jan, Mohammd sher S/O Amir Jan, Lal S/O Douran (10 years old), Gull Mir S/O Douran, Hazar Khan S/O Habib Khan, Mazar Khan S/O Habib Khan, Javed S/O Habib Khan (10 years old) and Haneef S/O Habib Khan (8 years old).

All the above named victims belong to same family and are close relatives of Mir Habib Khan Marri who was killed during a similar raid on 26 March 2011 in Quetta.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has recently started the drama of releasing abducted Baloch activists and announced to have negotiations with Baloch leaders. One can easily judge Pakistan’s intentions behind such bogus announcement. The Baloch people have reached to point to no return; they can see their country, Balochistan, already emerging on the map of world. They are adamant to continue their struggle for National liberation and to regain their sovereignty.