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Dialogue only on Freedom Agenda, Pakistan is an Occupier, Intervention Continuing Since 1948! HyrBeyar Marri & Khan Kalat

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Baloch national leader Waja HyrBeyar Marri said that there would be no dialogue on anything except freedom, speaking in a private TV program, the patriotic Baloch leader said that foreign interference in Balochistan started the day one when Pakistan occupied it! Pakistan is the occupier! On a desperate remark of the anchorperson that Zardari would not give you
Freedom, HyrBeyar said that they would knock every door of international community for support, and pledge that every Baloch would work hard to regain the freedom!
HyrBeyar Marri, exiled in London, said that the name of Islam is manipulated to serve morbid interests. He said that the attitude of Punjabi elite has never been friendly, he added that Pakistani oligarch has always plundered and looted Balochistan.
Waja Marri answering a question, said that Pakistan was resorting to different type of diversionary excuses to justify its occupation over Balochistan! He rejected foreign intervention allegations and said that it was Pakistan as a foreign country that has intervened and occupied Balochistan in 1948. Since than it has hardly left a stone unturned to loot and plunder Balochistan natural wealth! He said that the British had recognized Balochistan sovereignty. According to historical documents of Baloch history, Baloch leader said that the international community has the right to support Baloch freedom movement on humanitarian ground!
To a query about “modern Balochistan” outlook, the secular Baloch patriotic leader said that there would be no place for Sardari system or Pakistani culture in modern Balochistan social organization!
In the same TV program, the Khan of Kalat, Sulaiman Daoud Khan was also interviewed, he said that Balochistan was under occupation, and added that M A Jinnah himself recognized Balochistan’s independent status as a Baloch sovereign state! He said that the governor and chief minister themselves admitted that they had even 5 percent no authority over Balochistan’s affairs! He said that it was Pak Army that was all and all in Balochistan!
The Respected khan said that it was always Punjab and its army that spoiled the situation! He rejected the possibility of talk with Pakistani leadership saying that they were unworthy to talk with, as they are marred in corruption-such as Mehran Bank case and Memo-gate scandal. He optimistically said that Balochistan would be liberated soon by God willing!

Courtesy Dailytawar


Dealy operation in Dera Bugti, aged Bugti woman burned alive by Pakistan Army.

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Occupied Balochistan: Reports of deadly operation by pakistani military in Zamurdan, Bara, Sori, Goranari, Beti, RD 238 and adjoin areas of Dera Bugti and Jaffarabad/

According to Details, Pakistani Army Carrying deadly operation in different areas of Dera Bugti, and Jaffrabad.

Pakistani Army raided the villages of Atta Mohammad Gajani, Raza Mohammad Gajani, Zahro Bugti, Khaira Bugti and abducted several people and sat on fire dozens of the houses of Bugti tribesmen.

Pakistani Brutal forces raided the house of Bangul Bugti and Sat on fire his house and as the result Banok sazi bibi mother of Bangul Bugti was burned alive. and forces also abducted a number of people from the area.

Baloch Republican Party’s Central Spokesman Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti Confirmed that an aged woman was burnt alive & several others were abducted and their house sat on fire by pakistani forces in The Different areas of Dera Bugti and Jaffrabad.

This is not the First time that Pakistani Army Burned people in Balochistan.

NOTE: in 2008 in Singsela area of Dera Bugti Balochistan Pakistani Forces abducted two men Namely Geo Bugti and Miran Bugti & burnt them alive in boiling oil.

we appeal to International Human Rights organizations, International Community , United Nation and to the United State of America to Take urgent action against Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan.


Pakistani military killed another Baloch under custody

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Occupied Balochistan:Pakistani military kill and dump policy is continue in Balochistan.The brutal state killed another abducted Baloch under their illegal custody after severe torture.According to reports a bullet-riddled dead body was found in Dasht area of Mastung district on Tuesday.

According to Levies Force sources, on a tip-off that a dead body is laying in Tera Mill area of Mastung district the Levies personnel rushed to the site and moved the body to hospital where the decease was identified as Din Muhammad Pirkani.

Sources in the hospital said that the victim had received multiple bullet wounds in his body that resulted his instant death.

Din Muhammad Pirkani was abducted by the Pakistani secret agencies and his name was listed in Baloch missing persons.The whereabouts of Din Muhammad were unknown during all this time until his body being found on Tuesaday.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Vice Chairman Qadeer Baloch said the bullet riddled dead body of Din Muhammad Pirkani was a gift for Baloch nation from new ISI chief Zaheer ul Islam.

Independence is the only solution for Balochistan, says BRP leader Nawab Bugti

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Balochistan, for most Indians, is just another part of Pakistan about which we don’t care. However, a fact is that Balochistan region was an important region belonging to the Harrappan Civilization. From 1st century AD to 3rd century AD, the region was ruled by the Pāratarājas, believed to be the same as Pāradas mentioned in the Vayu Puraan and Mahabharat too. Present day Balochistan covers around 40% of Pakistan and some parts of Iran and Afghanistan. The region used to enjoy autonomy under British rule but after division, just like Pakistani Army invaded parts of Kashmir (now PoK), they also invaded Balochistan, which had refused to accede to Pakistan. Since then, Baloch people have been fighting for independence. There have been army operations by Pakistan, to crush the movements. Pakistani army often indulges in atrocities and human right violations in the region.

To bring the issues to the awareness of common Indians, IBTL contacted Shri Abdul Bugti Baloch, a Baloch freedom fighter who is leading the campaign to, as he puts it, let the world know about atrocities of occupying Pakistani forces against Baloch nation, .. for the end of illegal occupation of their land. In this series, we’ll be sharing the news-and-views of the ‘Baloch Freedom Struggle’.

Pro-independence Baloch leader and founder & chief of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti in his latest statement published in newspaper has said the only solution of Balochistan problem is complete independence of Balochistan from the occupation of Pakistan.

He said Baloch youth are struggling and sacrificing their lives for freedom of their Motherland not for the return of exiled Baloch leaders. He said military operations in Balochistan still continue systematically in Occupied Balochistan and occupying powers have made certain areas of Balochistan like Kohlu and Dera Bugti no-go zones to conceal their atrocities against innocent Baloch people.

He adds the occupying state has never tried to understand the real issue of Balochistan, the issue is not about any APC being called or our [fake] cases being withdrawn, the issue for which Baloch youth are fighting and sacrificing their lives is the end to occupation of our soil.

He further said that occupying forces have been defeated by the Baloch freedom fighters and have been made to bow on knees and in return the occupying forces are extinguishing the fire of their anger by attacking innocents and abducting, torturing and eventually killing and dumping dead bodies of Baloch political workers and other Baloch youth who are struggling peacefully and politically for the independence of Balochistan.

Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti rubbished the claims of occupying forces about end of military operations in Balochistan and has said that if there is no military operation underway in Balochistan than what is the reason that they don’t allow international human rights organizations and Media to freely operate in the region and investigate the atrocities against Baloch nation perpetrated by the intelligence agencies, proxy organizations and other state or state-sponsored forces of Pakistan.

He said we have been calling for intervention of international powers in Balochistan, American Congressional Hearing and internationally raising voices for Baloch are the positive steps and are ethical support of Baloch cause however Baloch need to accelerate the struggle to achieve the goal.

In answer to one question Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said the communication among Baloch pro-independence groups continue and there has never been a gap in it and discussion on Balochistan Freedom Charter in on the way and he said it is the urgency of time to assemble a single party and get united on one forum to assure the freedom from the occupation.

Talking about his own party Baloch Republican Party, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said because of tense circumstances the party is facing problems in reconstitution of its basic structure however he said the party will be active very soon.


Bullet-Riddled Dead Body Found in Mastung District

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QUETTA: A bullet-riddled dead body was found in Dasht area of Mastung district on Tuesday.

According to Levies Force sources, on a tip-off that a dead body is laying in Tera Mill area of Mastung district the Levies personnel rushed to the site and moved the body to hospital where the decease was identified as Din Muhammad Pirkani.

Sources in the hospital said that the victim had received multiple bullet wounds in his body that resulted his instant death.

After completing medico-legal formalities the body was handed over to heirs

Zakir Baloch life is in extreme danger: Family

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Occupied Balochistan: The parents of Zakir Baloch expressed their comprehension yesterday at a press conference in Mastung saying that they were extremely worried about the life of their son. They said that their son’s life was in extreme danger, given the fact that the enforced disappeared political workers’ severely tortured dead bodies were appearing on daily bases all around Balochistan, Dailytawar reported yesterday.

Zakir Baloch, a senior leader of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) was abducted by eight armed personnel almost one and half year ago in Mastung city at a bus station while working in a Medical Store on september 9th 2010.

Zakir’s parent said that their son was innocent. They said that their son, Zaker Jan was the only bread winner of the family.’’Now because of his absence live is a hell for them to make the both ends meet, starvation has now started to besiege the family” lamented the parents of Baloch Student leader. They said that if their son had committed any wrong doing’ then he should be put on trial before the courts.

According to Dailytawar, Zakir jan parents appealed chief justice of Pakistan, amnesty international, and all other international human rights organizations to help them to release their son from illegal captivity.


Discovery of mass graves in Balochistan is a question mark for the civilised world – BRP

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Occupied Balochistan: The Central Spokesman of Baloch Republican Party Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti has said the discovery of mass graves in Dera Bugti is a big question mark for the world particularly for the Islamic countries. Occupying forces of Pakistan have extended the ongoing military operations across Balochistan and to many Baloch populated areas of Sindh.

Condolences references and ‘Quran Khuwani’ (recitation of the holy Quran) were organized in Sui, Dera Bugti, Quetta and many other areas of Occupied Balochistan on March 25, the 1st martyrdom anniversary of ‘Shohdah-e-Machi Gorani’ (Martyrs of Machi Gorani, an adjoining area of Sui – Dera Bugti, Balochistan) to pay respects and tributes of them.

Sher Mohammad Bugti stated 19 Baloch including my brother Shah Mohammad Bugti were abducted during a major military offensive from Sui, Dera Bugti on December 05, 2010.

After two days, my brother and his one colleague were in custody by occupying Pakistani forces and their bullet-riddled dead bodies were found in a deserted area near Sui – he added.

On March 25, 2011, dead bodies of Ali Bux Bugti, Shah Bux Bugti, Iqbal Mazari, Rahm Dil Bugti, Koh Dil Bugti and Khetaran Bugti were found buried in a mass grave discovered in Machi, Gorani area near Sui. The deceased were abducted during the December 05, 2010 offensive and the whereabouts of other 11 Baloch remains unknown to date.

He said BRP condemns the military operation in Baloch areas (Liyari and Malir) of Karachi. “It is time for the Baloch unite and break the chains of slavery once and for all.” Mr Bugti appealed to the Islamic Countries, international community, European Union & Human Rights Organizations to take immediate action against the discovery of mass graves and other human rights violations in Balochistan.

Translated by: Gulzameen blog