The Voice for Baloch Missing Person’s protest enters 638th day

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Occupied Balochistan: Families of abducted Baloch and victims of state terrorism continue their token hunger-strike protest in front of Karachi Press Club. The protest is led by Abdul Qadeer Baloch, Vice chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Person, whose own son Jaleel Reki’s bullet-ridden body was found on 22, November 2011 from Turbat.
The protest against the abduction of Baloch activists and the on-going kill & dump policy has yesterday entered its 638th day, during this period the families of Baloch abducted persons have been protesting in front of press clubs in Quetta, Karachi and Islamabad. Several times they have been assured by the Supreme Court of Pakistan that their cases will be hear but all those promised were tricks to calm them down, deceived them and give more time to Pakistan brutal security forces to continue their atrocities in Balochistan. Instead of helping them the personnel of Pakistani security forces had threaten them of dire consequences if they continue their protest.
On Friday a delegation of Sindh Awami Tehreek (Sindh National Movement) led by Khalid Tahno visited the protest camp at Karachi Press Club to express his solidarity with the families of Baloch martyrs and abducted activists. Talking to participants of the protest the Sindhi leader said that Baloch and Sindhi were owners of sovereign states. They had their own distinct language, culture and tradition. He said that every patriot Baloch and Sindhi was ready for any sort of sacrifice to regain their freedom.
Qadeer Baloch thanked the delegation and said that Baloch have always stood by Sindhies. He said that Culture, Language and Motherland are the true identity of a Nation. “No Nation should be enslaved by others, all human being are born free and wish to live free.” Baloch are struggling for freedom, their natural and birth right, said Qadeer Baloch.