Pakistan ups efforts for Brahamdagh extradition

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LAHORE – Pakistan has stepped up diplomatic efforts to convince the Swiss government to immediately extradite Brahamdagh Bugti, wanted in multiple cases of terrorism, it was reliably learnt on Wednesday.
A senior official in the Foreign Ministry said that a case has been taken up with Switzerland government, asking it to reject the plea of Bugti for political asylum and extradite him.
Sources revealed that a group of senior Pakistani officials has returned from a visit to European countries while concrete evidences have already been handed over to the Swiss authorities to prove the involvement of the separatist Baloch leader in Balochistan unrest.
“We hope that the peace-loving European countries will never grant asylum to a most wanted terrorist,” said a senior official, who was part of the delegation.
“The host countries should not give breathing space to such criminals,” he maintained.
Based on ample proof against Brahamdagh Bugti for the alleged links with the insurgent groups in Balochistan, the petition of Brahamdagh Bugti for political asylum is “under consideration” in Switzerland , especially in backdrop of abduction of Swiss nationals by Brahamdagh’s Baloch Republican Army (BRA) from Ziarat in July.
The killings of 14 FC personnel in a single terror attack in Balochistan on Monday, is coincide with Islamabad’s diplomatic moves to get Bugti extradited. The Baloch separatists linked to Brahamdagh have claimed the responsibility. In a recent interview, Brahamdagh Bugti adopted the same strategy by giving paradoxical statements to his well-documented previous stance on Balochistan.
Brahamdagh Bugti certified that he has no connection with the armed struggle of Balochistan and has offered his resignation to Central Committee of his party, BRP. He further testified that he would never undertake any political activity from Switzerland. However, the track record of Brahamdagh defies his recent statement.
Experts say that his statement appears to be only a step for seeking political asylum in Switzerland and he is not serious in giving up his activities. Having obtained the asylum, he is likely to gear up his activities from Switzerland and may operate with a new name or outfit.