Pakistan military killed two more Baloch political activists under custody

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Occupied Balochistan:Pakistan’s military kill and dump policy continued in Balochistan.Two more extremely tortured bullet riddled bodies of disappeared political activist of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Baloch National Movement (BNM) has been found in Kech with severe marks of torture on their bodies, officials said on Thursday.

According to reports, the Levies Force had recovered two bullet- riddled dead bodies from Aap Sar area of Turbat. Dead bodies had been shifted to District Headquarters’ hospital Turbat for autopsy and identity.

However, on Thursday, the identity of dead bodies has been established as Jalil Rehki, 35 resident of Quetta and leader of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) and Younus Baloch, 33, resident of Panjgour and leader of Baloch National Movement (BNM).

“Both deceased had bullet wounds in their head besides multiple marks of violence,” Levies Force officials said.

Family sources of Younus Baloch said that intelligence agencies were behind the kill and dump incident of their family member and informed that Younus had disappeared in August this year.

While Jalil Reki the senior member of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) abducted on February 13, 2009 , outside the girls school art Chowk Kechi on Saryab Road, Quetta, by Pakistan military and secret agencies.After two years nine months of torture in military cell , killed in custody, and his bullet-riddled body recovered from Turbat.

The family members of Jalil Reki was on token hunger strike since his abduction.The families have setup hunger strike camp outside Karachi press club,Quetta Press Club and even in Islamabad.

Qadir Baloch, father of Jalil Rekhi have been threatened several times by the Pakistani secret agencies to end their hunger strike camp. Two men had visited the camp and asked to him to end the strike. “He told me if I want my son alive then I must end the strike. I argued that if you people release all the missing persons then we will end our strike.”

Qadeer Baloch,the vice-president of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons said that “My son has sacrificed his life for the sake of his motherland Balochistan and Baloch nation, and I am proud of him”.The bullet-riddled bodies will not deviate us from our struggle.All missing persons are my sons and I will continue my struggle for their release.

News regarding tragic killing of Baloch nationalist leaders spread like fire in the jungle across the Balochistan while a complete shutter down and vehicle jam strike was observed in Panjgur when the body of Younus Baloch was brought for burial. Hundreds of people including party workers attended his funeral prayers.

Baloch Republican Party (BRP) said that Jalil Reki was central secretory Information of the Party.In a press release BRP said that 26 surface members of the party had been murdered by the Pakistani secret agencies in last few months. While more than 20 members of BRP including Sangat Sana Baloch and BRSO member Altalf Bugti are still on the list of Baloch missing persons.

The Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has strongly condemned Jalil Rekhi and Younus Baloch’s killing and announced 40- day- mourning and three day shutter down across the Balochistan from Friday (today) over the killing.

It should be noted that more than three hundred Mutilated bullet riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons had been recovered since july 2010.